A Few Good, Random Things

Here’s a few random things I felt like sharing. They’re all good and some are pretty funny. 🙂

  • Bringing a stuffed animal with me was probably one of the best packing decisions I made. It was definitely one of the best pre-departure pieces of advice I got. I love my stuffed cat.
  • Fireworks are a year-round thing in Amman. Every day and night there are kids setting off fireworks in the street. Also, there’s a truck that goes my neighborhood selling vegetables and fruit that plays music like an ice cream truck.
  • Sometimes I say Amman has lots of hills, but a lot of times they feel like mountains. Going up them can be rough, and so can going down! I joke that, if nothing else, I’ll leave Amman with really great calves.
  • There are about 10 different commercials on air right now that are Gangam Style and/or Harlem Shake themed. They’re pretty funny. Oh, and there’s a music video of a grown man who’s dressed as Spongebob dancing around with a bunch of kids, singing “Ana spongeee-bob!” (I am Spongebob!) But, it’s not like, on a kids’ channel. It’s mixed in with all the really dramatic, tragically romantic, grown up videos… ?
  • No one thinks I eat enough. And like, it’s not a subtle thing. Almost every night my host mom questions me, “What did you eat today?” And I have to give a very long answer or she brings me food. Actually, most times, she still brings me food.
  • Also, some foods don’t count. I’ll say I’m not hungry or don’t want to eat, and she’ll say, “Oh, but it’s fruit. It’s not food!” or “It’s sweet! It’s not food!” The same thing applies to water.
  • I’m going to have a great, cheap, questionably legal collection of DVDs by the time I leave Amman. If you want a movie, let me know by December.
  • It was also great advice to bring a pillow. I’m definitely glad I brought a pillow.
  • I probably got the best compliment ever from my host mom. She told me I was beautiful because I like to read and write and always want to know about everything. I really hope those are the things people see as beautiful in me (because of Jesus of course).

Peace and love!


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